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John  Batey
John Batey
Senior Economic Advisor
John Batey has been an investor and great friend to Sharpline Equity for several years.  He has provided high-value consultation to Sharpline in our market choices as well as providing a strategic lens on new markets to enter. 

With the changing times, having John on our team gives Sharpline and our investors’ confidence on how and where to move forward in searching for new opportunities as well as managing risk over the long term.

John has been on many investor webinars and podcasts with Chris Jackson, adding thorough analysis of market dynamics and debt guidance in the ever fluctuating capital & debt markets. 

John’s addition to the team is a great benefit as we move forward with our vertically integrated Sharpline Communities self-management arm that allows full control and flexibility of the management of our assets for long-term holds.  

John operated as Fortune 500 Commodity Trader managing physical and financial risk in the high-volume petrochemical business. Passionate about educating investors about real estate dynamics and macroeconomics, he translates learnings into actionable risk management for the business. John received a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University and his MBA from the University of Tennessee.

John and Chris will be releasing a newsletter shortly The Sharpline Strategy Papers which will outline our macro lens on the current landscape.