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Krista  Testani


Brooklyn Law School J.D.

New York Univerity B.A.


New York
Krista Testani
Managing Partner - Principal
Tel: ‪(631) 256-7018
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  • Research

    Extensive research is conducted before we enter any market. Sharpline use every available technology tool to sift through a variety of macro and micro data sets. Once that review produces enough signals to move forward we always visit a desired market many times to get a feel for the area and begin to build relationships in the market. Entering a new market can take up to a year before any purchase is initiated.

  • Marketing

    The real estate investing landscape is extremely competitive for multifamily assets. Sharpline has developed extensive broker relationships to access opportunities before they hit the public market. We also deploy a variety of marketing efforts which allow us to find direct to seller assets.

  • Asset Management

    Asset management is critical to the ongoing success of the investment after the initial purchase. Most investment companies spend the vast majority of their time only finding the assets. Sharpline’s strength is in actively managing the onsite property management team frequently throughout the hold period of the asset. Weekly calls and frequent visitation are paramount in addition the frequent use of current technology through video and communication tools.  Reporting is analyzed on a regular basis which allows us to more quickly take action and maintain projected performance of the asset.

  • Legal Expertise

    Legal matters are quite complex in the multifamily apartment building space. Our team is well versed in all areas of large and complex transactions.

    • Protecting ourselves during the contract phase to allow us to perform proper due diligence
    • Proper and well thought-out entity and asset structure for our investors
    • Asset sale
    • Post sale capital distribution and tax coordination with our tax partner experts
    Krista is an experienced attorney providing guidance throughout the entire process, saving legal cost at each step. She works closely with our attorneys to ensure our protection strategy is implemented properly at each phase.

  • Due Diligience

    Sharpline prides itself on extensive due diligence. Each phase of the due diligence process has been fine-tuned and properly sequenced allowing us to peel back each layer of information-gathering to uncover any findings which would cause us to renegotiate the contract or if needed walk away from the opportunity.  Sharpline has walked away from opportunities during due diligence after findings were uncovered and renegotiation of contract was not possible. The discipline to walk away from opportunities after significant time and capital was deployed by our team illustrates a cornerstone of our belief that we are stewards of our investors capital.