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Marco  Barbaro
Marco Barbaro
Director of Marketing & Investor Relations
Tel: ‪(631) 256-7018
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Marco heads all of Sharpline's marketing efforts including social media, direct marketing and relationship building marketing. Marco also spearheads Sharpline's investor relations by building strong relationships as a core value of Sharpline Equity.  Marco's unique ability to build strong and lasting relationships comes from his vast experience across many business verticals.

Retired Chef, Investor and Coach

In 1996, Marco graduated from Fairfield University and turned down a job with GE Capital to go into the restaurant business with his brother Gino.  At the age of 23, he bought his first multifamily property, a 4-family in New York. 
In 2013, he began investing with his brother & Jake in Knoxville Tennessee, where they purchased their first twenty-five unit deal.  Since then, he has partnered with Jake & Gino, Sharpline Equity and on his own with over 2,500 units.  His Company MIH Realty Holdings now owns 18 Generational Wealth Properties & 11 Syndications a total of 29 properties.

Family & Multi Family

Marco exited the rat race on August 1st 2019 and started the MIH Mastermind to help coach students and joined the Sharpline Equity team full time to raise capital for all deals in contract.  In 2021 Marco raised for 8 deals,  each funded in one day and the last 2 deals were pre funded before the zoom call.     

Marco excels in networking, building teams and putting people in place to succeed.  He is a husband and the father of 3 beautiful girls. His family and multifamily are his two main focuses in life.